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Forms, Excels, Pen & Paper is down and out for Quizzes.

Clear out the clutter, managing Quizzes and Results should be an hassle free experience. Conducting Quiz Online has a new Home.

  • Markdown Support

    Provide your Attendees with much better clarity. Be it, code snippet , mathematical equations, or it could just be an image. Communicate better using Markdown.

  • Auto Grading

    When the attendee completes the Quiz, you need not go back to grade them. You set the criteria and leave the hard work to us, even negative grading is supported.

  • Team Collaborate

    Invite your colleagues and Team up, no matter where you all live. Empower them, share feed backs, help each other create the perfect list of Question.

  • Scheduled Quizzes

    We have automated your hefty works. Teachers can create MCQ Quizzes in advance and schedule it whenever you like.

  • Timed Quizzes

    With just a click of a button, set the timing allowed for the Quiz. When the attendee run of the time, we auto submit it. No more extra time for the paper to solve.

  • Configurable Controls

    You are in total control. Every aspect of the Quiz can be controlled with just a toggle. Whether to display the mark weight-age to the attendee? Can they share the result with their buddies on social media. Totally Configurable.

  • Workspaces

    We understand that everyone needs their own private spaces within a team. Users can create private workspaces to conduct quizzes and/or share their spaces amongst close colleagues.

  • Quiz Access Control New

    Evaluate, the Online Quiz Creator can stop junk and spam from entering the system. Just add emails or import CSV of attendees whom you think should participate, and you are done!

Steps to Create Your Online Quiz Competition

We have created a simple and easy to follow workflow for you.
So you can concentrate on your work and not on the setup.

Create Quiz
Begin with simple stuffs, create a brand new Quiz with just simple name.
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Add Questions
Add as many Questions as needed without any limitations, Also set points for each question you create. Don't be too harsh by setting high negative markings.
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Tweak Configurations
Everyone's opinion aren't the same, likewise every Quiz you conduct might have different configurations. You get the in-depth control on how each Quiz behaves.
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Publish Quiz
With a click of a button, Quiz can be published and shared over multiple platforms. You will be notified when your Quiz has new submissions and have access real-time dashboard to look at the results.
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Now sit back and relax as your Attendees participate and attends the Quiz published. We do all the hard-work from grading, timing till collecting the results and bringing it to you.
You are presented with a detailed and insightful data of the attendees which you can review one by one. You can publish the results, download it and lots more.
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Why Evaluate?

All Device Support

Be it, mobile, tablet or an huge monitor. We support all kinds of devices. We never compromise on great User Experience.


We strive to provide deeper data insights from the Quiz Takers. Using the data insights, we can understand Quiz's Taker better and try to improve.

Real-time Scoreboard

The real-time scoreboard give you power to display or share live on-going Quiz data just live a live football match!

Are you ready to start Conducting Quizzes?

No surprises pricing or hidden fees, ever.

All-in-one Plan

A single plan allows your entire team unlimited access to Evaluate. Your team can create as many Quizzes they need, with no cap on usage whatsoever.

What's included

  • Unlimited Quizzes

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Quiz Attendees

  • Premium Support

A single payment for your entire team

14-day free trial. No credit card required

Frequently asked questions

What is a Quiz?

A Quiz is a form of test where it has a set of questions with each question containing multiple choices with one best answer.

How many collaborators can we have?

We believe in team-work. So, we do not have any limitations, Invite as many collaborators as you need and help each other create the perfect Quiz.

Can we share the results to others?

Not right now. But we do provide an options to download the results in PDF format, which you can use to share with others.

How do we create Questions?

You will be provided by rich text box with markdown support. You can also create code block with syntax highlighting and much more.

Can we send results to Quiz Takers?

Absolutely! With just a click of a button, we send the results with the overview of the attempt.

Do you offer a free plan?

Unfortunately no. However, we offer the highest quality and reliability with our paid plans.

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