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05 Jul, 2022
Evaluate — Great Alternative for Typeform
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KU Rehan

Conducting Quizzes has been increasing in numbers all around the world. Schools and universities are conducting quizzes to assess students regularly. Recently, employers have also started conducting assessments to judge the candidate better to pick the right candidate for their organisation.

With the increased usage of the Internet, candidates are being assessed online using various offline and online methods. Today, we are going to compare TypeForm (as a quiz tool) vs Evaluate, which is top alternative to Typeform, so that we can select the right tool for managing our next Online Quiz.

1. Scheduling Quizzes

Typeform ❗

It is possible to schedule to close the Quiz on a specific date but not the start date.

Evaluate ✅

The user can control both the start date and end date of the Quiz including time as well. For instance, the user wants to start the Quiz tomorrow at noon and end at next day at 10 AM, which is very much possible

2. Design

Typeform ✅

The look and feel of the Quiz can be selected from various themes available, some of which are free but most of them are available for paid users.

Evaluate ❌

The design of the Quiz cannot be altered but the predefined look and feel are designed in a way that will be pleasing to all types of attendees.

3. Access Control

Typeform ❌

It is not possible in the Typeform to control to whom and when the Quiz is being served to also being a public link, it is very much possible to end up with spam and junk entries for the Quizzes.

Evaluate ✅

At Evaluate, the teacher/trainer can very well create a list of users who can attend the Quiz. User can manually enter the email of users or can also import a CSV containing email of user who are allowed to take part in the Quiz. Anyone without the access will be not allowed to enter which filters out the Spam entries.

4. Timed Quizzes

Typeform ❌

Users can’t set timings for the Quizzes, that means the Quiz Attendee can take as much time as possible to submit the quiz which can lead to malpractice which is crucial when judging the Quiz Attendees capabilities.

Evaluate ✅

Quiz Attendees can be limited of spend only X minutes to complete the entire Quiz. For Instance, if the Quiz Time limit is set to 5 minutes, which the Quiz Attendee takes more then 5 minutes the Quiz will auto-submit and inform the User about auto submission as well.

5. Configurable Controls

Typeform ❗

Only to an extent, the controls of the Quiz can be configurable by the User not all of them can be configured in order to give the look and feel of an actual live Quizzing to the Quiz Attendees.

Evaluate ✅

Most of the controls can be configured by the User, whether or not the Quiz Results can be shared with others, whether or not the Question weightage is visible during the Quiz to the Quiz Attendees, to name a few are controllable by the User.


Typeform ❌

Typeform are not for users who are on a budget. Each plan in the typeform is linked with the limited responses the user can receive. The base place starts at $83/month which can only receive 10k responses and can only seat 10 users.

Evaluate ✅

There are no restrictions whatsoever in Evaluate, where you play merely $10/month which gives the user access to all the features with unlimited users and responses.


That was a comprehensive review of both the tools. Considering both the tools, Typeform can only be used to conduct causal quizzes where rules don’t matter whereas, Evaluate being a tidy tool can be used for Tests/Assessments in schools, universities, and even by employers to select the right candidate. Evaluate is a great free alternative for Typeform when it comes to conducting and easier to manage Quizzes.

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